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Rhokeheart Amazing experimental music that respects no boundaries. If you like weird music this is something to check out.
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Nicolas RESSOT Eh ben ! Je ne pensais pas dire ça un jour, mais cet album est trop metal pour moi. Trop de morceaux qui ressemblent à du sous folk viking metal...Snif ! Finie la monstrueuse parade ; dommage, on s'amusait bien ! Favorite track: Bleakshow.
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The second full length musical excretion from Pandora's Toybox, the Grim Pills take you on a wild, bodily fluid filled romp through the Bleakshow, an annual festival of fools held at the Pandora's Toybox theme park. However, in the midst of this grand diversion of depravity, despotism, and even more depravity, one solitary detective seeks to find out the truth behind Morte McAdaver and his gang of misfits so he can shut the park down for good.

These are the words of Prometheus B. Subrick.


released September 2, 2012

All songs composed and authored by Morte McAdaver (A.K.A. Joshua Carrig).

All vocals performed by Morte McAdaver and Morgue Anne.

Pontius McRotten (David Hawkins) appears on Bar Stool Stiffs and Prying Demise as himself, so to speak. Partial credit goes to the Belligerent Bandersnatch.

Sexy Commercial Interruption vocals by Lilith Astaroth

Detective McSlab conceived and acted by Mike Mullen. McSlab makes an appearance in Carrion Carousel, WTHR, "Look at the Fucking Time" and Prying Demise.

Additional voice acting cast: Rick Lowell as the WTHR radio show host and the hulking bouncer in Prying Demise, Morte McAdaver as the Engineer Monster, and Luis Correa as the inexplicably enthusiastic translator/announcer in El Bestio Parasitario Del Barrio.

Group vocals in Bar Stool Stiffs and Her Place performed by Morte McAdaver, David Hawkins, Thomas Cyranowski, and Rick Lowell.

All guitars performed by Morte McAdaver.

All keyboards performed by Morte McAdaver, except for Trensch Mensch, and Bar Stool Stiffs, which were written and performed by Phantom Cyr (Thomas Cyranowski). Lachrymosa Sky keyboards written by Morte McAdaver and Phantom Cyr.

Guitar solos in Lachrymosa Sky written and performed by The Duke of Robbers (Robert Merowski).

All bass performed and composed by Pete Gelles, except on Trensch Mensch (Morte McAdaver), Lollipox, Clowntrodden, and Bleakshow (Benjamin Jon).

Drums on Bleakshow, Alternative Unlifestyle, Fraught With Apparel, Clowntrodden, Trench Mensch, El Bestio Parasitario Del Barrio, and The Living Inbred performed by Thaddeus Podonkowitz (Wesley Bourque).

Drums on Bar Stool Stiffs, Lachrymosa Sky, Boneshaft, The Grim Pills' Polka, Her Place, and Prying Demise performed by Prometheus B. Subrick (Rick Lowell).

Drums on Lollipox performed by Benjamin Jon.

Accordion on The Grim Pills' Polka and cello on Prying Demise performed by Taylor Galassi of This Way to the Egress.

Dierdre Stroyer returns in Prying Demise, voiced by Dominic Julian Collins.

Morte McAdaver would like to thank his sinful circle/terrible troupe of carnival comrades and partners in musical crime, both past and present for helping bring this and my other projects to life (and for putting up with me in general). All the magnificent friends I've made: Lilith Astaroth, Valerie Meiss and Hellblinki, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, Taylor Galassi, Sarah, and everyone in This Way to the Egress, Solomon and Amber of the Lobster Quadrille, Pete Gelles and Birch Hill Dam, Planetoid, Luis Correa, Rick Lowell, Thomas Cyranowski, Amanda Rose Smith, Ian and Stephanie Mulligan, Joshua Dreyfus, Benjamin Jon, Chris Addams, Dae Noctem and Era Nocturna, Nicole Hamidi and Vi,, Jessi Pysz, Dana Nova Darko, Seriah Askath, Arydaea Insanity, Genevieve and Psyche Corporation, Emily Lamkin, Hillarie Jason, Jacob Bell, Rebecca Meyer, Shauna Wallace and the Black Moon Lounge, and Dominic Julian Collins.

Finally, a very special thank you to the beloved women in my life: Lynn Moynahan, Allie "Frost" Casey, and Constantina Loukissas. You are amongst the finest strumpets this world has to offer, and I love you, always.

From Pete Gelles:

Thanks to Morte for asking me to be a part of this. Thanks to Maureen for the constant encouragement and enabling.

From Tom:

Something to the nature of "Phantom Cyr" is thankful to have had the chance to work with a group of exceptional musicians and is thankful for the support, care, and love shown to him by his friends and loved ones that continue to inspire him."

From Prometheus B. Subrick:

The first person I have to thank is none other than Mr. McAdaver himself, Josh Carrig. I thank him for giving me the time of day when I first met him over a year ago and I thank him for giving me my foot in the door to playing live and recording and all that fun stuff, whether it's in Sorrowseed, Pandora's Toybox, Blacksoul Seraphim, or other musical projects. Without him I'd probably still be just another bedroom warrior with no real set musical goals. I thank Michael Arcane of Ikkadian and formerly Dead Syndicate for being my go-to guy when it comes to drumming and music and band stuff and whatnot. Lastly, I thank everyone in Sorrowseed, Pandora's Toybox, and Blacksoul Seraphim for accepting me into their musical lives and thinking of me as a much better drummer than I actually am.

From Morgue Anne:

Thank you to my family who support my quirkiness and our crazy music! Thank you to Ben, with out you we
wouldn’t have a cd to force upon the world. Most of all thank you to all of our fans (or should I say minions),
if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be where we are today.



all rights reserved


Pandora's Toybox Northampton, Massachusetts

We're a zany, Cynical Circus crew from the shadowy carnival theme park known as Pandora's Toybox. We're here to expose the world for the bleak circus that it truly is.

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Track Name: Carrion Carousel
And so it begins...
Track Name: Bleakshow
Welcome, everybody, to the Bleakshow!
We're dressed to depress; a burlesque peepshow!
We got deviants and creatures like you've never seen
The Box is back open and on the scene...

So what brings you back to the amusement park?
The crowd shambles in from beyond the dark
We draw tight the curtains and light the spark
And let the show begin!

We present to you the latest thrill
So step right up and get your fill

And when you're finished, we can send you the bill
Very much to your chagrin.

Reverie in charred debris! (in this cacophony)
Necromantic songs and antics! (it's elementary)
We break the mold with stories untold... (a gothic fantasy)
Riven and hidden in a world of misery.

We're here to tell you that your life ain't shit!
You're just a pestilence conduit
That rotting shell of flesh is the perfect fit
For that hopeless life you lead.

But it's okay now, don't you fret!
Some folk have got it worse than you'll ever get.

We'll show you darkness you won't ever forget

Heads turned around on a rollercoaster ride
Blind eyes, no directions or guides
Into the peaceful ground they did collide
Now their bodies dangle calmly.

Nostalgia embalms and preserves
Kills ambitions and soothes the nerves
We all get what we deserve
In this ticking time bomb we call "society."

"Hurry, hurry, kind patrons! Lend an ear, lend a hand, lend any extremities you no longer need! We present to you a never-before-seen peek at the most hideous and spectacular eyesores dwelling in our world today!"

Don't be shy, come dressed as you are!
Whether nude, snappy dressers or brains in a jar
The Bleakshow is here to amuse and berate
Take a look at the freaks; maybe you can relate!

"Naturally, we seek to educate and captivate our captive audience. Come browse our vast selection of mutants, undead and other aberrations that walk amongst us. Oh, I assure you: these creatures are real - you just haven't been looking hard enough!"

Each creature has a theme and a dark melody
We dance like devils and laugh like banshees
The time has come to expose what we must
Now pose for the crowd, for the monsters are us!

Eyes are upon you - no turning back
Don't try to escape and don't be a brat
Anomalies bound by carnival law
And if you stick around, you can catch the opera...

So are you ready for the Bleakshow?
We're all prepped and rarin' to go!
We hope you enjoy our latest collection
Now sit back, relax, and make your selection...
Track Name: Alternative Unlifestyle
The psychology
Of Immortals
Lies underneath
Bedizen eyes

Kingdoms fall and rise
(But) pity those husks
Doomed never to die.

Let’s wrack the whole world with fascination
With a carrion style of our own creation!
It promises to be the next sensation
When a plague of undeath sweeps through the nation!

I am the poison that bathes in the wine
My existence defined by addictions and bloodlines
My pathway is blazed in betrayal and lies
And my beauty is just a disguise…

So you wanna be like me?
So you can feed in ecstasy?
Choke on misery
Sow your seeds
Spread your disease?
I will let you see
Just what it means
To hear them scream
It’s your soul to bleed,
You fucking wannabes…

She makes residence
In the shadows alone
She reclines
In her home catacombs.

Her biology
Is but a heart and mind
Neither sweet nor kind.

I am the parasite, succubus bitch
My body is barren, my heart black as pitch.
Now you may believe that your life was a waste
But you will change your tune when you feel my embrace!

So! Immortality
Bloody Gluttony
And sovereignty
Awaiting thee.

All this can be yours
As the sunlight’s enemy…
But a sorrow-born corpse
Is all that you will ever be.
Track Name: Fraught With Apparel
They could make your ego sing like a jubilant carol
But you better beware; the path is fraught with apparel!
I don’t know where they get so many shining, bright eyes
But this catwalk of shame can make a grown kitten cry.

It’s the place where fashion goes to die
Sent to a vulva-shaped coffin for the world to buy
It’s the Haven for Depravin’ with the power of sleaze
Collecting dollars and dames with the greatest of ease.

You won’t be candy for the eye if you don’t even try
And this ain’t no place for the camera shy!
Iconography, photography and fashion shows
The craven cravin’ all the beauties in posh repose

Fraught, Fraught, Fraught with Apparel
They’ll shoot your body like fish in a barrel
The loftiest profession is to simply exist
As a vassal to the trappings of a debonair business.
Track Name: Trench Mensch
In the land of trenches and warfare
Where flesh is acquainted with lead
Casualties everywhere
A surplus of the dead.

The military wages and healthcare
Offered to soldiers, destroyed
An insurance plan beyond compare
Providing postmortem employ

War supplies these days include the bodies of the men
Reanimation ensures that they will rise to march again!
The Trench Man stands and fires from a freshly pre-dug grave
A second chance to avenge the life he gave!

Now, there are several kinds
Of various veteran programs
But there is only one you will find
That makes proper use of the damned.

In the wake of tragic attrition
Young men dying in scores
Pumped full of live ammunition
They'll rise again to take some more.

War supplies these days include the bodies of the men
Reanimation ensures that they will rise to fight again!
The Trench Man fights from muddy depths for victory and pride
Standing united with the ones that fought and died by his side.

Professional placement in peacetime
There's no honor in being entombed

The infantry are so easily forgotten after all they do.
But when they come back as zombies
And return home from overseas
The grisly, discharged soldiers can complain for all eternity!

War supplies these days include the bodies of the men
Reanimation ensures that they will rise to serve again!
The Trench Man could be working in your local grocery store
Unliving proof of the ravages of war!
Track Name: Lachrymosa Sky
In the end, we may find
No reasons why
Adrift in a river of lies
With no way to stem the tide

Anonymous hatred grows
Where information flows
Unwilling flesh exposed
With forbidden file uploads

To and fro
Everybody must know
Our woes exposed to the firmament

You can have it all
Like a forum trade
Diatribes enthrall
And the trolls invade
Everyone must pay

To be held
In the public eye
Where dissonance dwells
And shame never dies
In the Lachrymosa Sky

When grace falls like rain
Upon gardens profane
Faceless and in vain
Dark desires know no names.

And who knows what is real?
This addiction we feel
When all is revealed
No more dreams left to steal.

So it goes
Like a withering rose
Our woes exposed to the firmament

It’s a brand new industry
Electric ties of misery
So many trolls to feed
They consume all they see.

And so we cast our eyes
To a Lachrymosa Sky.
Our failures scrutinized
’Till our appetite subsides.
Track Name: Boneshaft
They call him Boneshaft...but for the daft and unaware
The walking corpse of a pimp who became a millionaire
Never known to pop pills or wear willy protection
The fella once suffered a downtrodden erection

Panicked by the loss of his male potency
He sought to show the bitches how hard he could be
Even if this meant for all eternity
Mr. Boneshaft downed every male enhancement pill with the utmost certainty!

In a matter of minutes, all the blood rushed down
They say he nailed every lady in the whole damn town
By the end there was no fluid in his heart and head
In a matter of hours, the pimp lay dead.

But never underestimate the power of pills
They have the power to revive and the power to kill
Still risen...he rise from the floor
Mr. Boneshaft - steady, standing erect, and hungry for a whole lot more!

Who says there's no payment in the wages of sin?
Who says the dead have to lie alone?
So come on down, have a ride, take a spin on leather skin
And let Big Daddy Boneshaft...throw you a bone!

The bitches came from below and beyond
So many types, from the skinless to the bootylicious blondes
From a busty succubus seeking part time work
Curvaceous corpses rising out from the dirt
Mutant mommas with a little spawning pool to feed
Buxom bloodsuckers lookin' for a fool to bleed
Erratic little addicts selling themselves for a fix
And just your average horny honeys hungry for something to lick

A selection that cannot be beat
So why stay at home alone tugging at your meat?
Get your ass to the street and come meet the selections
Enjoy a freaky lady's face below your midsection!

Of course, the haters are prone to be belligerent;
Thugs try to be violent, priests tell him to repent
But in spite of the envious protests
None can deny that Mr. Boneshaft remains the hardest!

(repeat chorus)

In a pristine coat, the man swaggers along
Through the ghetto circus where he belongs
Necromantic energies keep his pimp hand strong
All the dead body bitches be singin' this song. (x2)
Track Name: El Bestio Parasitario Del Barrio
He was born with the birthmark of the Scavenging Fiend
In an urban purgatory, unhallowed and unredeemed
They say, “To live, you must work, breed, then die.”
But who has the time when you’re a lupine stalker of the night?

In the city of the lost, a nocturnal liturgy abides
Under every full moon, the locals gather to provide
Offerings, jewelry, trinkets and hard-earned pay
No derision or dissension – it’s always been that way.

The shiftless shape-shifter lives and walks among men
Waiting for the monthly parasite-haul again.
By day, a pariah, out of work and scorned by all
But he’s a legend in the shadows under cover of nightfall.

A tradition passed down by the blood of a cursed forebear
Beneath the madness of Luna, the skin of a wolf to wear.
The family never worked, they have always thrived on fear
A wolf among the street sheep; the graveyard shift career.

They’ll never know the horrid fact
That the local slacker boy is behind these attacks
They work so hard just to give it all away
To a monster, unseen by an ignorant prey.

No escape, no reprieve
He feeds upon the terror that they believe
They work so hard just to live so low
While the scavenging predator reclines and takes it slow.
Track Name: The Living Inbred
They came from the boondocks
They was born and raised
Always kept it in the family
And stuck close to their ways.

They look pretty funny
Some uglier than sin
But their mommas still love them
After all, you gotta love your kin.

They’ll never know how low they sank
And they ain’t got a savior left to thank
They only wanna look out for their own
So let the world leave them alone.

They say if you can’t keep it
Inside your own pants
At least stick it with your own blood
Forbidden romance.

But it don’t stop there
All the get that they got
Come from diggin’ too deeply
Into the family grave plot.

Daddy’s rigor mortis keeps him hard like a tortoise
Momma’s maggots just lube her chute
They all say “to be prolific is terrific!”
After all, you gotta stay connected to your roots.

So if you’re ever out wandering
Amongst the Living Inbred
Better watch what you’re sayin’
To the daughters and sons of the dead.
Track Name: The Grim Pills' Polka
Track Name: Lollipox
Why do you come here with that longing look in your eyes?
Why do you let yourself stave like you do?
I suppose I may have been just a little too sweet to you
Letting you fool yourself into craving some fabled prize between my thighs...

Poor little sucker has a case of the Lollipox...

Quarantined in your room, sending romantic frustrations to me
Wracked with silly illnesses that have weighed you down to this day
Rotten, misbegotten candy has granted a foul bouquet
Perhaps you could seal your fate and allow me to violently end your misery...
End your misery...

I suppose it was just my fault that I didn't fall for you
Do you still wonder about all the unspeakable things you would do?
Let me make this up to you by inviting you over for tea
Maybe then you can get to know the real me...

Discarded bones in the trashbags; all the entrails cleaned off the floor
There's one more stalker who will not be troubling me anymore.
Jealousy has been the death of many a mortal buffoon
Blind obsession can only lead to your untimely doom...
Your untimely doom...

So many suitors with a case of the Lollipox
Sycophants chasing their queens in afflicted flocks
Lurking and waiting to creep into the Toybox
Poor little suckers have a case of the Lollipox...

La la la....
Track Name: Her Place
They said someday I'd find the one
They said to never give in
To that despair every time I come undone
When reality kicks in.

That syringe that perforates to the bone
When another illusion leaves me all alone
She could never be a part of me
And she'll never, ever want to be

I let her into my world when I proselytized
Let her know her place in my mind's eye...

Once we had bonded, I knew she absconded
Maintaining false fondness so far away
But she never left, you see
Trapped in my fantasy
Idealized...and there to stay.

(Chorus 1):
Who needs anybody when you've got imagination?
All your troubles can be forgotten through masturbation
I don't need you, bitch, you see
You're just another stain to be
And it's rub another one out!

I can never touch her
I know it'll never be true
But it's okay; if you only knew
About the deviant fantasies I have about you.

I may be a lonely man
But I got what I need
With no more heart's blood left to bleed
True love is officially obsolete.

She does everything that I ever wanted her to do
She says all the things that I always wanted her to say
They can never hope to appeal to me
They all end up the same kind of grotesquery...

So many errors to rectify
I got a mind to objectify
I take a look at your face and embrace the lie
I can keep you love my troubled mind.

(Chorus 2):
Why bother to connect with those you'll never understand?
Don't you know that the cure for loneliness is in your hands?
I don't need you, bitch, you see
You're just another stain-to-be
And it's rub another one out!

People wonder why I never feel jealousy
Because she will always be a slave to me
I got myself an eternal supply
Their aesthetics are pathetic in reality.

So many scenes and extremes to choose from
Sometimes I can't believe the monster I've become
Her place is away from me
And the horrid, debauched fantasies I've spun.